Can't sleep beside you, dreaming of my fears
Crying in the shower, where noone sees my tears
Holding my breath, before I drown
Putting on my mask, the made-up face of a clown
Each step seems bigger, and everyone's taller
Or maybe it's me, I'm just getting smaller
"Hi, how are you", their words insincere
It's OK, I doubt anyone can hear me down here.
His shoes by my door, the smell of his hair
A chipped coffee cup, an empty chair
Days tinged with melancholy, a touch of sorrow
How silly, to just miss him... my Pierrott

ink on paper
210 x 290

I took these amazing shots of the girls dancing Samba at a recent Brazillian Festival at Kulcha. It was organised by friends of mine who do Capoeira.  I've been painting alot of dark stuff lately, think I need to paint the swirling colours from their costumes & feathers. Bit of gold leaf & lots of texture. Need some big canvases :)

art, painting, illustration

I recently collaborated on an exhibition with Kim Evans at Smart Space in Northbridge. Entitled Anthropomoflora, my illustrations & mixed media paintings sat alongside Kim's vibrant macro-photography. I have an online catalogue here showcasing my pieces, some of which are still for sale.
If you'd like to see Kim's work, it can be found here: www.jessicamccallum.com | http://kimushashin.tumblr.com/.

'No More To Give'
ink & salt on paper
210mm x 290mm
$ *NFS


the flutter of insect wings,
tiny hairs brush my skin
caged, painted, perfection
a letter in the mail
you turn to walk away


I make hats you'll want to wear with nothing else at all,
postcards you can send when you don't want to call,
little pictures you can frame, or hang on your wall,
they're pretty, but they're also really small.

Illuminites Night Markets
5 - 10pm Friday, December 14th 2012
Perth Cultural Centre, W. Australia


ink & watercolour on paper
297mm x 420mm

 'Grow' in progress.
I like to start with a darker canvas then add heaps of texture.
In this case I threw a bit of sand on PVA glue then painted over it with acrylics & spraypaint in greens.

I drew up the basic design in charcoal, then started adding texture of leaves, flowers, stems etc., all the time mixing in layers of paint thickened with sand & plaster.

When I was happy with the amount of texture I redrew the image & stared on the hands. I wanted them to look ghostly, almost vanishing into the image so once I had the basic colours in thick strokes I used spraypaint to soften the contrast & set them back.

Finally the soil & tree were built up with chunky paint daubs & tiny white flowers to finish.

The story of this painting, because all of them have one pretty much, is about a gift of a bonzai tree made by someone very special to me. He & I chose it together, the tiny flowers smelt like oranges.

When he'd finished patiently trimming & wiring it he brought it in to my work in a black glazed pot, to sit on my desk in a sunny corner of the office.

The plant was sort of a metaphor for our relationship in the end because it withered & died through neglect, partially because I didn't know what it needed to thrive.

Ironically, he bought the painting.

Anthropomoflora opened last Friday. We've had an amazing response to an article in the Community Newspaper as well as friends, colleagues dropping by and the occasional random wandering in off the street. I'm really pleased everyone has been so supportive.
We're here until Sunday afternoon (23rd Sept 2012). 10am - 2pm weekdays & 10 - 4 weekends. I'll be in the gallery myself tomorrow & Sunday, and Kim's doing Friday/Saturday.
We're happy to chat about our work & inspiration.

NB* Photo by Judith Clark (www.weekendnotes.com/JudithClark)